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Workplace Programs to Help Your Employees Bridge Back to Work

We appreciate your goals are to help your employees return to work by work readiness and by accommodating any new physical and mental needs before they can resume some or all of their normal work duties. The following is a summary of the types of programs offered by PiOT which complement the initial and follow-up assessment of your employees:



Cognitive Work Hardening Program – Getting Ready to Work  

This program is designed to help employees practice and develop work skills to prepare them for a return to work.

This type of program is suitable for employees who were on a disability leave due to a mental health or a physical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

The occupational therapist incorporates remedial cognitive and behavioural strategies to maximize the employee’s work performance.

Pain Management and Support Programs  

This treatment program focuses on optimizing function in day-to-day life by providing education and training on pain prevention and pain self-management skills.

This may include an ergonomic assessment, education on pacing and proper body mechanics and training on relaxation and sleep facilitation techniques.

Our occupational therapists are knowledgeable about pain management programs and support groups available and are trained in administering programs that focus on disability reduction, such as the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP).

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT  

CBT is a 10-week, vocational goal-oriented treatment performed by an occupational therapist that uses a hands-on practical approach to problem solving.

Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behaviour that are behind people’s difficulties, and by doing so, change the way they feel which helps an employee deal more effectively with emotional problems.

Attention is also placed on incorporating and practicing the learned strategies into the employee’s daily activities.

Physical and Behavioural Job Coaching  

An occupational therapist works with an employee at the worksite. The therapist advises and reinforces effective physical and behavioural strategies that will enable the employee to perform their job safely and effectively.

Re-activation Program  

This custom program uses a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) approach to help an employee to gradually build up their physical and mental activity tolerance and to overcome barriers which impact their ability to return to work.

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