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People who sustain concussion from a motor vehicle collision often have difficulty getting the treatment they need. When there is no positive imaging showing the concussion or little to no medical documentation, adjusters often deny OCF 18’s for rehabilitation. Our unique Enhanced Cognitive Assessment approach is a proven solution to getting the documentation you need to demonstrate the effects of the brain injury.

The Enhanced Cognitive Assessment combines VoxNeuro’s cognitive scores with a Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment to provide a thorough report on your clients’ brain and cognitive functions and the effect on your client’s everyday life. The report outlines a plan for cognitive rehabilitation based on the assessment findings.

Vox Neuro is an industry leading neurotechnology company that scores cognitive function with brain biomarkers called event related potentials (ERPs) through the EEG-based Cognitive Health Assessment™ and medical software, CHAMP. CHAMP rapidly analyzes, transforms and compares the EEG’s ERP data to VoxNeuro’s database of healthy cognitive function to generate a patient report. The report provides scores of the patient’s core cognitive functions in memory, information processing, attention & concentration. The scores help to support clinical findings and inform clinical decisions.

Arvinder Gaya, Founder and CEO PiOT Inc.

Benefits and Features

For the Enhanced Cognitive Assessment protocol, we use the objective findings on a client’s cognitive function provided in the VoxNeuro’s cognitive scores alongside findings from Standardized Functional Cognitive Assessments and subjective findings. The combined results in a thorough report which outlines:

Build your client's case: The Enhanced Cognitive Assessment Report will help to build your client's case by providing a thorough report on cognitive functions and how these limitations affect your client's everyday life.

Confirmation of effective treatment protocols through repeat assessments (ex. 1 year into the treatment plan): A follow-up VoxNeuro report can illustrate changes in brain function after a treatment protocol is administered. Our OT re-assessment can outline changes in functional abilities.

Relevant objective and subjective findings for Catastrophic determination process or for assistance to settle the tort claim for a Motor Vehicle personal injury claim.

Enhanced Cognitive Assessment: Our 5 step approach:

Step 1:

Our experienced team will conduct an intake interview with your client and submit an OCF 18 to the accident benefit adjuster for approval.

Step 2:

Objective findings for Cognitive Disorder to assist with brain injury diagnosis: The Vox Neuro Cognitive Health Assessment™ will be completed at one of the Vox Neuro Test Center locations. The Cognitive Health Assessment™ follows VoxNeuro’s evidence-based electroencephalography (EEG) protocol. The assessment takes 30 minutes to complete and is non-invasive. The report provides scores of the patient’s core cognitive functions in memory, information processing, attention & concentration. The rapid, objective and actionable neurophysiological data provided by VoxNeuro helps to support clinical findings and inform clinical decisions. A report will be provided to the Occupational Therapist to interpret and discuss with your client.

Step 3:

A Clear Picture of the effect of the cognitive limitations your clients’ everyday life.
The Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment will be conducted with your client in their home and community. The OT will interview the client and family to collect collateral information on pre and post injury overall functioning. The OT will assess the client using various cognitive standardized and informal functional measures to determine how the cognitive impairment affects the clients’ abilities to perform their daily activities and roles.

Step 4:

Build your Case
The occupational therapist will complete a report that will help demonstrate the effect of the Mild traumatic brain injury including:

  • pre and post injury functional picture
  • Vox Neuro Cognitive Health Assessment™  report and interpretation of findings
  • Occupational therapy Cognitive Testing results in detail
  • Analysis of All Cognitive Tests and the effect of limitations on daily life
  • A clear plan for cognitive rehabilitation
Step 5:

A clear plan for cognitive rehabilitation includes:

  • Recommendations for assistive technology
  • Remedial rehabilitation such as CogMed or other brain software
  • Compensatory Strategies to help create routines and habits to improve daily functional outcomes
  • Support personnel such as RSW support

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