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We provide the elderly and their families with various assessments and ongoing treatment programs to assist with the health of seniors and see if they can age in place. Whether you live with your elderly parent or are far away from them, our team will find the best strategies and solutions to give you peace of mind and, whenever possible, help your aged loved one thrive at home.

Our team of qualified, experienced Occupational Therapists speak 4 different languages, which can help your loved one easily communicate their needs and better understand what will be done for them.

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Improve Mobility for the Elderly

A fall can be the first sign of mobility problems for an elderly person. But for them, being unable to move around independently is a big fear and frustration. It’s a loss of freedom.


We can help you properly address your loved one’s mobility and safety challenges, giving them more confidence and dignity.


We Can:

Assess mobility needs and help you determine if a scooter, cane or walker is needed. We’ll also show you how to choose what equipment is needed and when to buy it.

Provide an Occupational Therapy Seniors Assessment to discover any barriers they have that affect how they safely function and move.

Educate them on ways to prevent falls or provide treatment for falls.

Help you apply for funding through the Ontario Assistive Devices Program or ADP Assessment for mobility equipment, if you qualify.


Make a Home or Community Accessible and Safer for the Elderly

Staying in an assisted living facility or long-term care home can be expensive. It may be possible to have your loved one grow old in their own home. The familiar environment can make them feel happier and more connected to their community.

Whether they call a house, condo, apartment, cottage or a trailer their home, we can find ways to make it safer and more comfortable for your elderly loved one to age in place.


We Can:

Provide a Home Safety and Accessibility Assessment to find the issues an elderly person deals with at home and give practical solutions.

Complete a Community Safety Assessment to identify areas where an aged person may have difficulties in their community, like grocery shopping or using public transit.

Make modifications to their home to improve safety and accessibility, like adding hand rails, safety equipment or a stair glide.

Educate them on tips for healthy living and taking medication properly, how to care for their hands and feet, and when an in-home nurse is needed.

Help you apply for funding through the Ontario Assistive Devices Program, ADP Assessment, or the Canadian Home and Mortgage Corporation’s Accessible Housing Funds to cover home modifications, equipment and more, if you qualify.


Support the Elderly Do Everyday Tasks and Care for Their Well-Being

Decline in cognitive, mental or physical abilities often comes with old age. This can show up as forgetting names, appointments or to take medication, leaving the stove on or not putting away food.

Or maybe you’re noticing increased falls, dementia or unexplained weight loss. Putting in place good strategies and structures can help reduce an elderly person’s frustration and improve their well-being.


We Can:

Assess your loved one’s ability to perform daily living tasks and activities

Conduct a Cognitive Assessment or Psychogeriatric Screening Assessment to test for cognitive decline, dementia and important skills like memory, attention span, planning and judgement

Provide a Physical Assessment to test for their strength, balance, endurance and discover issues that may affect their safety and mobility

Perform a Visual Perceptional Assessment to see how their vision affects their daily tasks like reading, eating, driving, managing stairs or identifying the right medication to take

Create customized home exercises, activity programs and treatment plans to help address any issues or strengthen their abilities

Train on Medication Management for prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and supplements they may be taking and help them stay organized with their medications. Our OTs can also accompany your loved one to medical appointments.


Make Driving Safer for the Elderly

Driving requires physical, cognitive and psychological abilities to keep everyone on the road safe. Aging doesn’t have to mean losing a driver’s license.

Our Driving Rehabilitation Program for seniors determines an elderly person’s driving ability and ways for them to safely operate a vehicle.


We Can:

Assess their ability through a clinical interview and an on-road evaluation with an Occupational Therapist and a licensed driving instructor. Our assessments are done in a way to reduce your loved one’s anxiety levels.

Give an unbiased recommendation on their ability to continue driving.

Provide recommendations on driver training sessions to meet Ministry of Transportation Ontario standards.

Make any vehicle modifications that may be needed to help them drive safely.


Navigate the Healthcare System and Available Services

Getting the right support, equipment and treatments for your loved one can be confusing, time consuming and overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, let us help.

Our experienced team will guide you through the systems, services and options available and give the best care for your loved one.


We Can:

Determine what assessments and treatments may be necessary

Co-ordinate and connect you, or on behalf of you, with health community programs and services

Advise on what types of professionals to engage with, like nutritionists, nurses and other medical specialists

Advocate for your loved one’s healthcare or accompany them to medical appointments

Create an affordable payment plan, whether services are paid by you, your loved one, a family member, insurance or other agencies

Help you apply for funding from government agencies or foundations that you may qualify for


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