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Expert opinion to qualify the present and future cost of your clients

We understand that a person’s injuries and disability can persist for many years and sometimes a lifetime after a serious accident.   As the case nears settlement, getting an expert opinion to qualify the present and future cost of your clients medical, rehabilitation and other care needs becomes critical.  Our team of experienced and Certified Life Care Planners provide you with comprehensive, reasonable, and defensible reports to help build your case and get the best results for your client.

Arvinder Gaya, Founder and CEO PiOT Inc.

Benefits and Features

Does my client need a Future Cost of Care Report?

If your client has been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, and continues to demonstrate substantial disability, A Future Cost of Care Report can help in the following ways:

Gives an independent, qualitative appraisal of the severity of an injury and potential changes for the rest of the clients life using evidence-based research.

Outlines the medical, rehabilitation services and needs anticipated for the rest of their life by providing a comprehensive breakdown of associated costs.

Provides an expert opinion that assists to evaluate the case and provides value for settlement discussions.

What type of report do you need?

For clients with complex injuries and extensive medical legal teams, likely proceeding to court

Comprehensive Future Cost of Care Report

  • Complete review and documentation of medical brief
  • In home or virtual assessment with the client
  • Telephone or virtual meetings with the medical and rehabilitation professionals
  • Recommendations for future needs and accompanying table of costs
  • Documented in a comprehensive report

For files where there will be an early settlement and for clients who do not have an active medical legal team

Preliminary Future Cost of Care Report


  • Review and documentation of key documents in the medical brief
  • In home or virtual assessment with the client
  • Recommendations for future needs as well as accompanying tables of costs

To review and critique third party future cost of care reports for plaintiff and defense

Critique Reports


  • In person assessment or thorough review of the medical brief
  • Detail report with cost comparison tables of costs
  • Thorough evidence-based arguments to challenge opposing report

Meet our Experienced Team

Meet our team of certified Life Care Planners

Our team is experienced in providing Future Cost of Care Reports for both plaintiff and defense counsel
and have been qualified as expert witnesses in court.

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