Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

It is a unique blend of practices and assessments to help a person solve the issues that interfere with their ability to care for themself, be productive at work or school, or take part in leisure activities. These issues can be cause by an injury, accident, illness or disability.

At PiOT, our occupational therapy is a client-centered approach that helps a person recuperate from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual illness or injury. We focus on our client’s goals to improve their quality of life.

If you were injured in a car accident, click here for more about our Motor Vehicle Accident occupational therapy services.

Our Occupational
Therapists can help you

Adult Support

Receive Home-Based Occupational Therapy

Recovery from injury and illness can mean changes to your ability to function and may require alterations to your home. Treatment for concussions and other brain injuries require specialized support. With the wealth of experience our Occupational Therapists have, they can thoroughly assess, advise, educate and treat people with injuries, illnesses or disabilities.


Our programs are individually tailored and home-based, making recovery more comfortable and in a familiar environment.


We Can:

Provide assistive devices and technology training to enhance functioning and abilities with day-to-day life tasks, mobility and communication

Develop a Functional Skills Retraining Program tailored to help a person return to their meaningful daily activities through exercises, simulations and coaching.

Complete a Home Assessment and Modifications to improve safety, functioning and accessibility at home, like adding handrails, safety equipment or a stair glide.

Implement Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs to identify a person’s cognitive strengths, challenges and functional difficulties. They then re-learn how to do certain activities or to determine new ways of accomplishing them.

Develop a Community and Social Re-Integration Program for strategies that help with performing tasks in the community, like getting groceries, taking public transit or interacting with others.

Create a return to work, school or driving program to help transition back to everyday activities.

Help you apply for funding through the Ontario Assistive Devices Program or ADP Assessment to cover home modifications and equipment, if you qualify.

The Brain

Recover from Brain Injury or Concussion

A head accident or injury can cause immediate pains or long-term difficulties. In addition to the physical pain, brain injuries and concussions can affect cognitive abilities, memory, concentration, responsiveness and even mood.


Our Occupational Therapists have expertise in brain trauma and concussion treatment and cognitive behaviour therapy. PiOT even offers an exclusive program for post-concussion syndrome.


We Can:

  • Complete a VOX Neuro test that uses EEG-based neurotechnology imaging and functional testing to literally see how your brain is preforming and pinpoint which core mental functions to treat.
  • Complete an Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment to determine the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of a person and the treatment required.
  • Conduct an Enhanced Cognitive Assessment to provide both objective findings on brain performances as well as a thorough assessment of a person’s functional abilities. It combines VOX Neuro and an Occupational Therapy Functional Cognitive assessment.
  • Implement Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs to identify a person’s cognitive strengths, challenges and functional difficulties. They then re-learn how to do certain activities or to determine new ways of accomplishing them.
  • Complete a Brain FX Assessment which helps understand a person’s neurofunction for mild to moderate dysfunction by using a tablet to conduct an interactive cognitive assessment. This assessment can also be done virtually.
  • Enroll a person in the Learn to Thrive with Post-Concussion Syndrome workshop, which is an innovative program that’s exclusive to PiOT. It takes a holistic approach to help people manage post-concussion symptoms, improve mental health and develop a positive outlook. Learn more about the program here .
  • Provide CogMed Memory Training that uses technology to help improve working memory, brain processing capacity, concentration and learning.

Pediatric support

Provide Occupational Therapy for Children

A child’s recovery journey is very different from an adult’s. Helping children recover from an injury or overcome a challenge takes additional patience, understanding and skill. Challenges with physical, neurological or sensory impairments can affect a child’s abilities at school.


We have experience working with children and their parents so boys and girls can achieve their goals.


We Can:

Create a Functional Skills Retraining Program customized to help a child return to their daily activities through child-friendly exercises, simulations and coaching.

Provide motor skills training for children to improve handwriting, the ability to walk or play at right age, or address other developmental delays in learning a skill.

Complete a Home Assessment and Modifications to improve their safety, functioning and accessibility at home.

Create a return to school program to help transition back to school activities and advocate for any modifications a child may need at school or in the classroom

Help assess and decide what accommodations are needed for Educational Assistance Program (EAP) at school or in the classroom.


Improve Your Mobility

The effects of an illness or injury may limit a person’s ability to move freely and independently. We can help you assess your mobility and safety challenges, giving you confidence and solutions to address them.


We Can:

Assess mobility needs and help you determine if a wheelchair, scooter, cane or walker is needed. We’ll also show you how to choose what equipment is needed and when to buy it.

Provide an Occupational Therapy Assessment to discover any barriers you have that affect how you safely function and move.

Educate you on ways to prevent falls or provide treatment for falls.

Help you apply for funding through the Ontario Assistive Devices Program or ADP Assessment for mobility equipment, if you qualify.


Return to Driving After an Accident

The idea of getting behind the wheel again after an accident can cause anxiety. Injuries may have altered how a person needs to drive. Our Occupational Therapist can help with the transition back to driving again.


We Can:

Assess your driving ability through a clinical interview and an on-road evaluation with an Occupational Therapist and a licensed driving instructor. Our assessments are done in a way to reduce anxiety levels.

Provide recommendations on driver training sessions to meet Ministry of Transportation Ontario standards.

Make any vehicle modifications that may be needed to help you drive safely


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