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For more than 10 years, PiOT has helped people across Ontario on their journey to recovery. We want to see our clients not just heal from their injuries or disabilities but also thrive in their everyday living. We will work with you to see that happen.


Our services are provided by an experienced team of Occupational Therapists and can be delivered in 13 different languages.

Motor Vehicle
Accident & Personal
Injury Services

We understand the frustrations you face after a personal injury or car accident. We are here to guide you on your road to recovery.

Occupational Therapy

Injuries, illness and disabilities don’t need to limit you forever. Let us develop a personalized treatment plan with therapies and equipment to help you heal.

Workplace Services

Employers and staff deserve a good work environment. We can help you with return-to-work programs and workplace assessments.

Elderly Support

Supporting your elderly loved ones doesn’t have to be a burden. Let us help you assess their needs and find ways for them to grow old with dignity at home.

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