Serena Shastri-Estrada

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Serena Shastri-Estrada

Occupational Therapist

Serena Shastri-Estrada

I SPEAK: English

EMAIL: Serena.se@piot.ca

MY SERVICE AREA: Toronto (downtown, central, south west Etobicoke, Scarborough)

My Expertise

Compassionate and viable solutions facilitating quality of life, return to life, return to work and aging in place.

Significant experience as a Participant Expert Witness; some experience as a Litigation Expert Witness

Astute and experienced in the preparation and defensibility of medical legal reports grounded in function and daily living (inclusive of the Assessment of Attendant Care Needs `{`Form 1`}`).

An effective communicator and collaborator with significant experience and success working with interprofessional teams.

Practical knowledge of community resources and significant experience in successfully integrating them for optimal client rehabilitation and wellness.

Specialized Certification

Canadian Risk Management Designation

Career long upskilling in Cognitive Rehabilitation and the management of individuals who have sustain a traumatic brain injury.


Serena Shastri-Estrada has practiced as an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years, reveling in opportunities to reinvent herself multiple times. At this juncture she is excited to be joining PIOT as she returns to community-based practice.


Serena has extensive experience practicing in collaboration with clients/families, insurance adjusters, legal professionals, diverse health care providers, community organizations, and primary health providers. The breadth of her experience varies across diagnostic categories (e.g., neurology, mental health, orthopedics) and in respect to defining and achieving meaningful participation and function in daily living, across the lifespan.” Notably, Serena’s clinical areas of passion include traumatic brain injury, and “aging in place.”


Person-centred care is foundational to her professional identity and has necessitated an anti-oppressive and intersectional lens of which she actively and consciously seeks to evolve.


Serena has also been employed in Healthcare Strategic Development (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), Regulation (College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario), Risk and Privacy (Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital), as well as entrepreneurially in the home, community and workplace as funded through the SABS, Long-Term Disability sectors and the Health Services System Home and Community Care (HSSHCC/Ministry of Health funded). This makes her astute to the complexities of healthcare policy thrusts, leadership, service delivery and funding systems, as they exist in Ontario.


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