Terry Ginzberg

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Terry Ginzberg

Occupational Therapist, Driver’s Rehabilitation Program

I SPEAK: English, Hebrew

EMAIL: info@piot.com

MY EXPERTISE: Driver Rehabilitation

MY SERVICE AREA: Greater Toronto Area

My Expertise

Driver Rehabilitation


Terry Ginzberg and her team provide expert driving assessment and training to clients are unable to drive due to illness and injury.


The goal of the Driver Rehabilitation Program is to determine whether physical or psychological sequelae are impacting on a client’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  This determination is made based on a comprehensive assessment which includes a clinical interview as well as an on-road evaluation. The assessment takes place at the client’s home in order to alleviate anxiety associated with driving to our office and is conducted by both the Occupational Therapist and Licensed Driving Instructor. The clinical portion of the assessment is comprised of subjective reporting and objective testing (cognitive and physical).  The on-road portion of the assessment begins in the client’s residential area and progresses to multilane roads and the highway.


Following the assessment, feedback is given and recommendations are made with respect to continued licensing and/or suitability for participation in driver training sessions in order to meet Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) standards. The occupational therapist oversees the training program. Typically, sessions take place twice a week, targeting a variety of conditions (day, night, traffic, inclement weather). The Occupational Therapist conducts a progress evaluation together with the driving instructor upon completion of the recommended driver training sessions to determine if treatment goals have been met or if additional training is required.


The program addresses pedestrian, passenger and driver anxiety. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions are offered to support the on-road sessions for clients with acute anxiety. All clients referred to the program need to have a valid license. The Driver Rehabilitation Program also encompasses vehicle modification.


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