Soulful Reflecting on 2023 and Welcoming 2024

Book, empty notebook and pen

Soulful Reflecting on 2023 and Welcoming 2024

When the year is coming to a close, I like to engage in reflective activities that help me to look at the year that passed and set up my intentions for the coming year.

I pull out my journal and write. I particularly love doing this activity early in the mornings, with a cup of tea and a candle. Some years, I was able to express my reflection in one sitting and other years it took me several days of sitting with my journal. The reflection and intention setting fills my soul and I savour all the good that has come out of this year.

Some of the prompts I like to use are:

  • What went well and was good? I reflect on all the memories in all aspects of my life including:
    • My relationships with my family and friends
    • My work and mission, and other ways I have contributed to the world this year
    • My physical and mental health
    • My Spirituality (my relationship with myself and a higher power)
  • What were my challenges and how did I handle them?
  • What did I learn, how have I grown and who have I become this year?

For intention setting, I think about how I want to grow as a person, what habits do I want to cultivate that would bring more joy and fulfillment into my life, what emotional states do I want to feel more often in all aspects of my life and what do I want to achieve. I spend time over the December holidays with my children and we all make vision boards for the following year. This activity is very creative. I spend a lot of time choosing images that help me to intentionally cultivate the emotional states that I would like more in my life. I use colourful markers and powerful words and images on my vision board that help to bring my intentions to life. It is a perfect way to bring in the new year and such a wonderful activity to do with my family.

I have been doing this ritual for several years now and it helps me to bring closure to the year that has passed and increases the excitement for the year to come.

This year, along with the reflective journaling on my own time, I will participate in a workshop created and led by Lina Maria Aristizabal called Reframe Your 2023. This is a guided journaling experience that helps to reframe experiences you have had during the year to see them from a different perspective with the purpose to amplify the good. I am excited about connecting and sharing with others in this process. To learn more and register, click here.